Intuitive Coaching: Personal

Intuitive coaching is an insightful combination of personal, professional and wellness coaching practices. To create a healthy balance of mind, body, soul and spirit, you receive a customized approach based on your individual or business needs. As you grow so does the focus of our sessions. We uncover and clear blockages that are keeping you from moving forward and ultimately empower you to find and trust your own intuitive guidance.

Are we meant to work together?

Questions to Ask Yourself

Do you feel anxious or stressed? Or unable to concentrate or have a good nights sleep? 

Do you ever feel stuck in an area of your life? Or not sure how to move forward?

Do you convince yourself that you are too busy for self care and your busy taking care of others?

Are you in a relationship and searching for ways to rekindle and reconnect with each other?

Are you in a relationship and unhappy but you are not sure if you want to make it work or to end it?

Are you recently divorced or a long term relationship has ended and you are making a fresh start?

Do you tend to have an inflexible mindset? Or have a need to be right or prove others wrong?

Have you ever felt comfortable but longing for something more but afraid to try something new?

Are you tired of diets that result in an endless cycle of weight loss and gain and feelings of helplessness?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, my goal is to empower you to remember who you are, discover what you really want and help you build the confidence to achieve it.

I will apply a fully customized plan based on your needs so you can achieve a healthy balance of mind, body, soul and spirit.  As you grow so does the focus of our sessions.  I will provide guidance and support to accelerate your growth and assist as you develop and maintain a healthier mindset, identify and remove obstacles, set clear personal goals, improve relationships and increase self-confidence.  Together, we uncover and clear blockages that are keeping you from moving forward.

If your physical health is suboptimal and you choose to nourish your body, we would incorporate gradual changes to your diet and exercise routine. It’s important to note that the change in mindset is as important as exercise and nutrition for you to have long term sustainable results.

Self Investment: Free 30 minute discovery coaching session, then $111 per session 
(savings if purchasing a package of 4+ sessions; larger packages available) 

Embracing my inner child in a nearby brook 🙂

What clients are saying...

"Her positive high energy and enthusiasm for living your best life is certainly contagious."
"If you're looking to bring, peace, joy, and tranquility to your life I highly recommend LeShane Seaside Vitality"
"She's the perfect way to help you reach a happier lifestyle."
"I have to recommend Sharon for her natural sense of compassion and understanding. This has allowed me to become a more calm and anxiety-free individual. Anyone who feels overwhelmed with work would benefit from a session at LeShane Seaside Vitality."
"Sharon has helped me navigate some crucial decision making regarding both my work and personal well-being respectively."
"Sharon LeShanes' dedication to detail and devotion to client success makes for a top-of-the-line experience."