Personal Journey

Being content and at peace in our personal and professional life requires balance of mind, body, soul, and spirit. My mission and purpose are to empower and guide you towards achieving that balance.


Looking back, I had spent my life maintaining my mind and body but had neglected cultivating my soul and spirit. I placed importance on achievements, scholarships, awards, job titles, annual income and need for approval from others. I became what I thought others expected me to be and accomplish. Of course I had absolutely no idea that this was happening at the time.

In 2015 I began to feel increasingly called to spend time in nature.  We owned a travel trailer and my husband, son and I spent that summer with an amazing unobstructed ocean side view alongside a beautiful brook.   The sights, sounds, smell and feeling the pristine energy was amazing!  I walked nearly every day, often barefoot in the grass like I would as a child.  I also went swimming for the first time in many years. I spent time on nearby Northern Bay Sands with its beautiful sandy beach and park that I had also frequented growing up.  I had reunited with my inner child and set her free again… it was wonderful! We eventually built a cottage and stayed on weekends and all summer long.  We continued to feel increasingly compelled to live there and in 2020 we were delighted to make it our home.

I was introduced to meditation in 2018.  I joined a meditation group and experienced my first energy healing session.  Since then, I have been blessed to work with so many amazing souls through various healing practices, energy sessions, activations, meditations and spiritual workshops and private and group training.  I am honored to have worked with reiki masters, coach practitioners, holistic healers, yogis, naturopaths and spiritual influencers.  I appreciate their unique gifts and the positive influence they had while accelerating my self development, growth and healing. I continue to be divinely guided to those who can best assist me and that allows me to better support others. I recognize it is not a destination we reach but a life long journey to achieve and maintain balance in giving and receiving.


I have had numerous liberating experiences during my journey of awakening. I felt positive shifts with healing practitioners, through my personal meditation and reiki practices and some after undergoing painful incidents in various chapters of my life.  These painful experiences would have been much more difficult to endure if it was not for the tools I learned from amazing practitioners and the love and support from like-minded friends and family.

However, there were two profound shifts in my life that transformed me beyond all others. Both are related to the sudden passing of my younger sister, Darlene Doyle. On July 14, 1984 there was a fatal car accident in our home town of Northern Bay, Newfoundland. My sister, Darlene, and her friend Karen departed this life at the young ages of 10 and 11 respectively. It was a long road to healing for me for many reasons, but especially because the driver was impaired and I was carrying so much anger, judgement and blame.

After our beautiful son was born in 2001, my husband was pleasantly surprised to hear me singing lullabies.  He commented that my voice was beautiful and asked why in our nine years together had he never heard me sing.  That comment began my reflection and I realized that when Darlene passed my singing voice was silenced.

In 2005, I felt called to write a poem about my sister. Writing my words on paper removed a dense, heavy energy from my heart and I felt lighter and free!  I started singing more and more. At home first then at small gatherings and eventually in public.  I learned how to play guitar and became a performer joining a monthly show at the local theatre. That poem was the first major life-changing shift, however, I did not fully recognize its power at the time. 

I named the poem “DD” which I would later realize was not only an acronym for Darlene Doyle as originally intended, but also for Designated Driver and it just so happens that my uncle used the nickname DD frequently. All amazing synchronicities! I am sharing this poem publicly for the first time- [READ POEM HERE].

The second life-changing shift occurred during a profound meditation fourteen years later in 2019.  I spent a week vacationing with my brother in London Ontario.  We visited a sea salt spa hand and foot detox meditation room. I experienced an incredibly deep liberating meditation during which I released resentment, hate, blame, guilt, and anger.  I offered full forgiveness to the young man that was driving the vehicle that day.  I felt Darlene with me and her absolute joy when I was able to offer unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness. The space it freed was filled with light, peace, and unconditional love. Since then, I have been living more free and confident. Forgiveness had set me free.


The year following that shift was the pandemic of 2020.  I realized and fully accepted that I had a gift for empowering and motivating others. I followed my intuitive nudging which led to me to complete training and acquire various certifications. I was so inspired that in less than a year I trained in reiki, coaching, and wellness.  I felt called to lead meditations and became an open channel allowing them to flow intuitively and effortlessly.

I felt that by empowering others to release their limitations and discover who they really are, they would build the courage to be their true authentic self and live in abundance. That is our birthright.  My mission was clear, to help others move from their mind to their hearts so they too would realize they are sovereign and free. LeShane Seaside Vitality ensued.