What to expect during a Laya Yoga session?

A Laya yoga session begins with breathing techniques and movements, then hatha or yoga postures, chakra practices and the session ends in meditation listening to blissful music while resting comfortably in Shavasana.  This sequence of starting with breathing techniques then body movement before meditation, reduces the racing thoughts of the mind and creates blissful inner peace. 

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What is yoga?

Yoga has been practiced for more than 5,000 years to unite mind, body, soul and spirit. The following is a non exhaustive list of the benefits of yoga: supports mental health and wellness, reduces stress and anxiety, improves mindfulness, aids in weight loss, increases strength and flexibility, protects from injury, encourages self reflection, promotes relaxation, improves digestion, boosts the immune system and improves the quality of sleep. 

What is Laya Yoga?

Laya yoga is an ancient form of yoga that, in addition to above benefits, calms the nervous system and focuses on clearing the chakras to dissolve the ego and reduce fluctuations of the mind.  Channelling the energy of kundalini, laya yoga is a means to raise your vibration and merge the individual self with your higher self and unity consciousness. 

Laya yoga uses pranayama (breath techniques), kriyas (practices), asanas (hatha yoga postures), mudras (hand and body gestures), mantras (Sanskrit sounds or phrases) and bandhas (body locks).   When laya yoga is practiced regularly you are more focused on your soul essence and better able to feel and be in the creativity of consciousness.

What are some common misconceptions about yoga?

  • Yoga is for flexible people that can effortlessly form complex yoga poses
  • Yoga is for women only
  • Yoga is for slim, skinny or fit people only
  • Yoga is not suitable for beginners; it would be too hard and I would be judged
  • Yoga is not for older people, only young people move that way
  • Yoga is only for vegans or vegetarians
  • Yoga is a religion
  • Yoga is not a good workout

The above misconceptions lead many to think “I can’t do yoga” However, there is so much more to yoga than just the physical postures.  By practicing yoga, you improve your physical, emotional and mental health and just by practicing the postures to the best of your ability, your improving your personal best and becoming more flexible in the process.  Once you release any concern for what others are able or unable to do, you feel and see the benefits and quickly realize you can do it!

There is another misconception, on the other end of the spectrum, for those who think they can attend an occasional yoga class and will automatically become happier and live better lives. Although yoga has many benefits including reducing stress, to maintain benefits requires practice and patience.  Gradually taking steps to make positive lifestyle and mindset changes while maintaining a yoga practice that suits your needs and schedule is how you achieve lasting positive results.  It is not a magic one time fix.

Yoga is not a religion, it is mindful movement and is beneficial for all ages, religious beliefs, body types, genders and flexible capabilities regardless of your diet. Take the first step. Attend a class see how it feels. 

What clients are saying...

"I had been looking to get back into yoga and found yoga classes with Sharon that I decided to try. I really loved how she took the time to have class set up ahead of time and was in front of her class as we arrived. You could feel the class intentions already set and the atmosphere was very peaceful and meditative. She also had pulled an inspirational card and place in front of each mat which seem to be perfect for me each class I attend. She was very prepared for her class and very knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoy her classes and look forward to giving myself that hour each week. Sharon is such a positive uplifting person to be around : )" -Kristen Smith, Carbonear, NL
"Sharon has been a true inspiration during my first experience with yoga. this form of motion and stretching is relaxing and energizing. Sharon has opened my mind to a new way to strengthen my body, feel rejuvenated and revived. I would highly recommend this beautiful soul to be your guide to a new life, new beginning for a happier, stronger you. ❤️" -Betty Mansfield Tuck, Hants Harbour, NL
"I have been enjoying Laya Yoga so much! Sharon takes the time to explain the significance of the breathwork and movements for a truly meaningful yoga experience. Every time I do the guided meditation and sound bath, I have a different experience. Sometimes I’m lulled to sleep by hypnotic chanting. Sometimes my mind keeps wandering and I must make a conscious effort to guide it back to the moment. Sometimes I feel an emotional release. I can’t wait to see how the next session will go!" -Rebecca Parsons, Carbonear, NL
"Having Laya yoga sessions available is a wonderful opportunity to relax and unwind in a crazy busy world. Thank you so much for all you do." -Lorraine Finlayson, Harbour Grace, NL
"What I enjoy most about laya yoga, is the energy and how Sharon presents it. Laya has made a positive difference in my life. It makes me feel energized and helps keep me positive, around the negative, better. The music makes a huge difference. The meditation after yoga with the bowls the natural music is my favorite!!. I truly wish I can go again. I miss the feeling and feel myself, losing myself. Sharon is an amazing soul to be around, she'll surely lift anyone up. ♡" -Sabrina Stuckless, Carbonear, NL
"I just love going to Laya yoga and meditation with Sharon. Her gentle and caring approach puts you at ease. Everyone is treated as an individual and not just part of a group. I leave feeling refreshed and relaxed every time. ❤" - Vicki Mercer, Carbonear, NL