Do you ever have a mind so full of thoughts that you feel like your mind controls you and not you controlling it?

Do you sometimes have thoughts of things you did or said and you worry what someone else thinks or that they misunderstood you and you feel anxious?

Maybe you have negative thoughts about what “could” happen to your or your family in the future and this worry replays in your mind making you feel stressed?

Does it seem like it’s impossible for you to have a good night’s sleep and wake feeling rested?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, meditation is a great place to start.


Meditation has many benefits such as improving sleep, attention span, self-image, self-awareness, creativity, positive emotions, and feelings of peace.  It is also useful in reducing stress, anxiety, age-related memory loss, menopause symptoms, and negative emotions. 

Meditation is a practice that anyone has the ability to learn.  It brings focus inwards and connects us with our higher self and inner wisdom.  As we deepen our practice we feel more gratitude, self-love, and self-awareness and eventually discover our personal power and sovereignty. 

Regularly practicing meditation raises our vibration allowing us to feel more joy, clarity, peace, and unity with all that is.  The ultimate goal is to move from our minds to our hearts to create more harmony and flow and become the observer of our thoughts without judging them.

When our thoughts are in the past, we may feel anger, regret, sadness, grief, or even shame.  When our thoughts are in the future we may have anxiety, stress, and worry. Meditation helps us live and be in the present to be witness to our thoughts without judgment.

There are many styles of meditation: guided, silent, breath, mantra, focus, chakra, chanting, affirmations, mindfulness, spiritual, visualization, reflection, movement, calming, sound, body scan, intuitive or focused on senses, manifesting, releasing or other intentions.


As with most things worth doing, there will be obstacles to overcome in order to establish a consistent meditation practice.  Having an awareness of the possible obstacles allows us to more easily overcome them when they surface. 

Our ego-mind generates excuses for us such as:

  1. I am too busy and don’t have time to meditate
  2. I tried it before but it didn’t work for me I still had thoughts and could not quiet my mind
  3. I have been meditating fairly regularly but have not yet had profound experiences that I hear so much about
  4. I have been meditating for years so I don’t really need to anymore because I am experienced and have it all figured out

The ego-mind does not distinguish between new or experienced meditators.  It is perfectly normal to have thoughts during meditation and every experience is different.  Not just from one person to another but to the same person over time. It’s possible for us to feel peaceful and relaxed during some meditations and yet during others may have strong emotions maybe even feel the need to cry.  There is no right or wrong and acceptance of your experience is key.

If we know and believe the benefits of meditation and set a clear intention to devote ourselves to developing our daily practice, we will indeed overcome these obstacles.

Weekly Meditation Session offered regularly in Lower Island Cove and Carbonear locations. Refer to Facebook and Instagram pages for weekly announcements.

What clients are saying...

"I have been on my own personal journey of growth and spirituality since the passing of my mom in 2018 and had attended mediation classes with Sharon with another practitioner, it was there I saw Sharon transition from the student to the teacher. I was not one bit surprised when I heard Sharon was opening her own practice to help others on their journeys. Coincidently enough the news came just as I was told my coach I had been working with for 4 years was closing her practice and moving out of province. Coincidence, I don’t think so. I think everything happens it life as it should and Sharon now plays a tremendous role in guiding me through the next part of my journey. Sharon is a breath of fresh air and her meditation classes are just that. They are led with such honesty, insight and integrity. The atmosphere is relaxing open, friendly and nonjudgmental. Sharon’s meditations are not pre meditated, scripted or rehearsed. She is very good at reading the room and sensing what the group needs. She is intuitive and takes the group on a guided journey of peace and enlightenment. With Sharon’s guidance I have been able to grow immensely in my meditation practices and quiet my mind for a deeper and more powerful experience. Sharon is a true light worker and it’s an absolute blessing to know her."
"Thank you Sharon for being the gentle conduit of peace and healing."
"I left feeling much calmer
and centered."
"The view was magnificent! The whales put on a show while we chatted. What an experience!!"
"She is very talented and insightful. I can’t wait to go again!!"
"I struggle with what is referred to “the noise in your head” …Sharon made me feel comfortable and walked me through the process in detail. I’m glad I did it. It’s emotionally and physically healing. I highly recommend you give it a try."
"I feel so much better more relaxed and just wonderful. I highly recommend LeShane Seaside Vitality."
"My experience with Sharon’s Reiki sessions and meditation are very relaxing and peaceful."