Intuitive Coaching: Professional

Intuitive coaching is an insightful combination of personal, professional and wellness coaching practices. To create a healthy balance of mind, body, soul and spirit, you receive a customized approach based on your individual or business needs. As you grow so does the focus of our sessions. We uncover and clear blockages that are keeping you from moving forward and ultimately empower you to find and trust your own intuitive guidance.

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Are we meant to work together?

Questions to Ask Yourself

Is your career just beginning? Do you want to advance in your existing job? Are you considering a change of career?

Do you want to start your own business but not sure where to begin?

Would you like to elevate your existing business to the next level? Have you been trying and you are you not sure why you have been unable to achieve it?

Did you ever achieve success in an area of your life only to feel like it’s not enough?

Have you ever felt at the top of your game but worried about sustaining it or feel there is still something missing?


Are you considering advancing your existing career, making a career change or even starting your own business?  I will facilitate the setting and realization of your goals.  By assisting you with prioritizing your commitments, reducing non value added activities and uncovering self imposed limits you will make and meet your goals.  By allowing yourself to openly receive unbiased feedback, make subtle gradual changes to your daily habits, you take the first steps towards achieving your career goals.

Do you already operate a business? Does it feel stagnant? Are you not sure why it hasn’t reached the  next level you visualized? I would work with you one on one at first to obtain your company vision and mission.  Then together we devise a plan for managers and employees.  Then I work with them in a group or individual setting to improve moral, increase productivity and harmonize business objectives through uncovering individual and team strengths and weaknesses.  This gives your business what it needs to move forward effectively, efficiently and successfully.

All our endeavors, personal or business, are more successful when we maintain a healthy balance in all aspects of our being.

If you feel called to work with me, I would be honored to offer you support and guidance.

Self Investment: Free 30-60 minute discovery session to identify your business needs…
Cost of sessions will vary and depend on your business needs, number of sessions, number of employees and other factors. A customized offering will be created specifically to suit your business needs and to provide a quote for services.

Finding joy by overcoming fear
Finding Joy by overcoming fear!

What clients are saying...

"Her positive high energy and enthusiasm for living your best life is certainly contagious."
"If you're looking to bring, peace, joy, and tranquility to your life I highly recommend LeShane Seaside Vitality"
"She's the perfect way to help you reach a happier lifestyle."
"I have to recommend Sharon for her natural sense of compassion and understanding. This has allowed me to become a more calm and anxiety-free individual. Anyone who feels overwhelmed with work would benefit from a session at LeShane Seaside Vitality."
"Sharon has helped me navigate some crucial decision making regarding both my work and personal well-being respectively."
"Sharon LeShanes' dedication to detail and devotion to client success makes for a top-of-the-line experience."